‘Good to meet you’ £75

Stephen come’s to you in your environment.  Whether that is your home or your favourite coffee shop.  He will hear and see you and your story.

You will go away from this with the smallest of things (e.g. knowledge of self, change of perception, a new goal) that could make the biggest difference.

As time then passes……..think.  This is just the tip of the iceberg.  If you have been enthralled, and your life has been enhanced in some way already just by meeting Stephen, then more can happen for you when you either;


‘Say hello again’ £150

Each single follow up session will work on what is present and could involve any of the variety of techniques that Stephen has extensively trained in.

Before you book, chat to Stephen so you can both understand how your session may shape.  By saying hello again, you will further understand the expressions in your life both internally and externally and how you can begin to reharmonize closer back to your blueprint to walk your daily path feeling more like you own yourself again.


‘Take charge of your life’ £2000

A total of 15 sessions including a pre-design meeting.  Your schedule will involve a mixture of craniosacral hands on, movement and learning around biorhythm, nutrition and being with 21st century life expectations and stresses.

You will go away with more awareness of yourself within your environment with the ability and confidence to make small changes potentially leading to the biggest difference.


‘Commit to living your Unique Life Design’ £5000

A total 2-way commitment to allow for profound reharmonizing back to your original blue print physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Conducted through a fully personalized schedule of sessions, half days and even Stephen staying in your environment if necessary, at days at a time.  Your commitment will involve deep learning within knowledge and understanding of your biorhythm, your movement patterns, your nutrition as medicine, your inner most thoughts and feelings.

You will go away with your Unique Life Design that you can live by day after day and face the ups and downs of 21st century life with more awareness, confidence, determination, control, energy and true inner happiness.


The Future is where you are already. Now walk the path to shape your present when you get there”




The human form has evolved over millions of years. When we really understand this evolutionary journey, we can build a true model of a modern human being. This model is very different to the one most people will think of and most therapy’s are designed to help.

Our body systems are constantly orienting towards health, to our evolutionary human design, and when we create the necessary physical, emotional and spiritual foundations, alongside addressing the barriers and conflicts in our environment, we discover a new level of being. 

We have become familiar with poor
posture and pain in the knee/lower back/shoulder/neck. Many have stress or/and depressive feelings with sedentary lifestyle, poor or unsuitable diets. Our liv ines our reflected in our Form. We can treat the symptoms… but this will not cure the dysfunction, causing the symptoms to return again and again until the underlying dysfunction can release. These physical and emotional dysfunctions cause, and can be the cause of, a heightened guarding reflex; there to protect us from emotional and physical danger. This restricts movement and freedom… physically, emotionally and psychologically… and movement is vital for health. When we allow movement, rather than forcing it; being with the restrictions rather than masking them or becoming them, we can start to feel physical and emotional releases as part of our whole systems orientation to health and reach performance levels that were previously unobtainable.

Our physical Form has an operational blueprint…known as the human ordering matrix or bioelectric field. This is laid down in the 20 or so minutes of stillness after conception and carries a primal template that orders embryological development. These forces continue to organise us throughout life and can be felt in the physiological functioning of all healthy, living tissues. Reorienting to this stillness and original blueprint helps the release of both physical and emotional trauma as our conditions and compensations unfold, resulting in realignments and reorganisation of our Form.

By looking at our biochemistry and understanding how our environment is constantly influencing our epigenetics, we can understand that only by orientating to the nutritional needs and movement of our model of a modern human being will allow for the regulation of our biochemical communication mechanisms and the revival of our natural bodily rhythms. 


Some ULD Knowledge

Biodynamic Movement

When movement is allowed to happen, rather than forcing it, we can often feel emotional releases as part of your whole systems orientation to health and vitality.

‘Biodynamic Movement sessions’ combine the benefits of Pilates with the conditions required for the release of physical, emotional and psychological trauma in a safe and held environment.

Our 21st Century environment causes us stress.

“Stress is the neuroendocrine response of an organism to any threat it encounters which requires an adaption of the organisms’ bio-psycho-social functions in order to cope with it.”

This can be due to work, relationships, maybe a major event in our life such as divorce or bereavement. It can also be a series of minor irritations or it can seem that there are no obvious causes!

We tend to activate very quickly into our “fight or flight” sympathetic nervous system rather than staying with the calmness of parasympathetic and specifically the more evolutionary modern, mammalian Social Engagement System. This is based roughly on the how the environment of modern living can lessen our feeling or perception of safety and so we move quickly into sympathetic “fight of flight” when there isn’t actually a true threat.

If this stress is short lived it can actually be positive or healthy as it is part of our design. When stress becomes more prolonged, it leads to emotional, psychological and physical manifestations.

You will learn to become aware of yourself on a sensation, or felt level, and the subtle, and not so subtle, resistances in our movement. In the right conditions and with help, you learn to resist the urge to simply push through and start to allow the movement to happen and so helping release the physical, emotional and psychological trauma present.


Human Evolutionary Movement

We work with your physical movement from an evolutionary perspective using Pilates studio equipment, your body weight and maybe a running machine.

When we satisfy the needs of our physical design… we discover natural health.

Form follows function. To have good form, good posture, free movement, absence of aches and tensions…we must function by our evolutionary design.

You will start to discover how the tensile strength in your fascial system can be re-educated, or brought to awareness, through release and so reduce the over recruitment of our large superficial muscles. This in turn would have been inhibiting our inner core muscles that… by design… allow the body to move much more freely, safely and fluidly.

When we move correctly, posture simply falls into place.



The body has natural rhythms, which are an expression of our health. At a deep level of our physiological functioning all healthy, living tissues subtly “breathe” with the motion of life – a phenomenon that produces rhythmic impulses which can be palpated by sensitive hands.

The presence of these subtle rhythms in the body was discovered by osteopath Dr William Sutherland over 100 years ago. He undertook many years of research during which he demonstrated the existence of this motion and eventually concluded it is essentially produced by the body’s inherent life force, which he referred to as the “Breath of Life.” Furthermore, Dr Sutherland discovered that the motion of cranial bones he first discovered is closely connected to subtle movements that involve a network of interrelated tissues and fluids at the core of the body; including cerebrospinal fluid, the central nervous system, the membranes that surround the central nervous system and the sacrum.

There are also areas of inertia, which are areas of stress and trauma (physical, psychological and emotional) that, throughout our lives we have not been able to fully deal with at the time. Common causes of inertia are physical injuries, emotional and psychological stresses, birth trauma and toxicity.

Due to an accumulation of these stresses, tissues can become imprinted with the memory of unresolved experiences and so act like video tape which may keep replaying whenever stimulated. These inertial areas affect our natural body rhythms, and therefore, our expression of health and vitality.

We help you resolve these physical, psychological and emotional, inertial areas and so release your natural body rhythms for greater health and vitality.



By looking at our biochemistry as a human being and understanding how our environment is constantly influencing our epigenetics, we can understand that only by orientating to our nutritional needs and movement by design; natural sleep and biorhythms, will allow for the regulation of our biochemical communication mechanisms. By regulating biochemical communication mechanisms, natural interventions can positively influence the (epi)genetic process… allowing health to unfold.



Walk your path equipped with the resources to be able to be with whatever is present in the rhythm of your life.  With your deeper knowledge and instinctive stength, you will make choices every minute of every day that are right for your life.  No regrets. Just growth.